Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For the love of Cog

Does your dog have a favorite toy? Sharona likes her Kong football and Winnie loves Cog.

Cog is a pretty sorry excuse for a dog toy. It's dirty and creepy looking but Winnie loves it SO much.

Winnie actually took Cog from our neighbors at our last place. It was their dog's outdoor toy. Winnie became obsessed with Cog and tried to bring it inside with her every time she found it in the yard. One day the neighbors moved and I found Cog on our porch. At first I thought the neighbors had left it as a gift to Winnie, but I quickly surmised that it had actually been stolen and hidden. That Winnie-she's crafty.

Now Cog is on it's last...well it's last cogs. I have scoured the internets and local pet stores and cannot find a replacement Cog. If there is any one out there that has a lead on finding a new Cog, Winnie will give you two licks on your hand and a high five.

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