Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's Talk About Fleas, Baby...

Let's talk about you and me,
Let's talk about all the good things
and the bad things a-bout fleas!
(to the tune of Salt-n-Pepa, Let's Talk about Sex).

Okay, so there's no shame in talking about sex, or fleas. So why have I been so embarrassed about our flea situation? Or more accurately our flea infestation!

All three pets have been suffering with fleas this summer, Winnie Cooper has been a flea bag of the highest order nearly all summer. I have been at my wits end (which is not as far as it sounds) trying to beat this flea problem. I treated them all with the flea and tick stuff that the vet gave me. For THREE months- in. a. row. -as instructed. I vacuumed the apartment from top to bottom more than twice a week. I rented a carpet cleaner and steam cleaned all the carpets. I stripped all the bed linens, throw rugs, pillows etc and washed them all in hot water, repeatedly. I gave Sharona her first flea shampoo bath in four years...I gave Winnie numerous flea dips. Poor Walter had to have a lion shave and a flea dip. Then I bought flea powder and vacuumed some more. Then I bought flea spray, the natural and the not even close to natural varieties. To no avail. The fleas were winning. 
Well, this week we turned a corner. Thanks to my sister in law! You see, my sister in law is a Vet Tech, and when I finally got over my shame about the fleas to ask her what to do...the first thing she asked was, "Are you using Frontline?" to which I said, "Yes. That's what the vet gave me."

Well the scoop is, fleas are BAD this year. Fleas like hot, wet weather and we've had plenty of that in Vermont this summer. I checked in with a few friends with dogs and outdoor cats and most have told me they have also struggled with flea control this year. Some used Frontline, other were all natural types.

My sister in law immediately recommended Advantage, which I have used on the pets before.  Advantage is over the counter flea medicine (beware: it doesn't treat for ticks, just fleas) you can get it from your vet or order it on line at 1-800-Pet-Meds (like I did). It's been 3 days since I treated each animal but I am happy to report, there are no more fleas! Insert happy dance here!
Loves it!
For reals people! I thought I was going to lose my mind if I had to buy one more flea product or if Winnie kept us up scratching one more night. I wish I had just asked earlier if there was another treatment! I felt like such a bad pet Mom, and I didn't want to admit I couldn't control fleas (fleas!)(shakes fists).

Lesson learned, treat the animals first, if it's not working, ask for something that will. Thank you Advantage for giving me my life back. So, tell me, have you been fighting fleas this summer? What have you found that works? Are you using Frontline and it's not working? Comments welcome.


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