Thursday, September 30, 2010

What about Sharona?!

Hey! I'm cute too!
Winnie has a big sister Sharona, who is, honestly, just as cute as Winnie and who actually listens and behaves herself 99% of the time. So WHY doesn't Sharona have her own blog?

The answer is that Sharona is a modest older lady (she's 12, which is like a cajillion in people years, actually it's 84). However, make no mistake, Sharona is no sidekick to Winnie the adorable. Sharona has her own quirks (she loves to inspect bags, she thinks the the vacuum cleaner is the devil, and she can't possibly sleep over the covers, only under the covers will do!) and she has her own place in our household (that would be #2, after me and before Andy...sorry sweetie, if your reading this, but you know it's true!).

Despite her tough exterior as a 55 pound pit bull Sharona is made of sugar and spice. I don't thinks she would admit it but she is a big fan of Winnie Cooper as are all of you dear readers. Since day one, Sharona has been patient and kind, teaching Winnie how to chill out and be a lady. One of the most important things Sharona has taught Winnie is that kids are cool. Sharona loves kids and when Winnie became a part of the family she had a tendency to shy away from kids and even snap at them if they got too close for comfort. Due to Sharona's shining example, Winnie now runs up to kids and will kiss them on the face.

Sharona is and will be a big part of Winnie's blog...Winnie pretty much worships the ground Sharona walks on, the couches she lounges on and the bed she snoozes in...I predict that more than half the Daily Cute posts on this blog will be of Winnie with Sharona together.

So I leave you with this video of play time with Winnie and Sharona:


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