Friday, September 24, 2010

What can you do?

At our house, we raise money for a few different local animal shelters and rescue groups. I also like to peruse the "Wish Lists" of the shelters to see if  I have any of the items that I can donate. 

For example, We have a small yard, so we purchase a box of lawn and leaf bags but only use a few. Well, lo and behold, the HSCC has that very item on their list. Voila! The extra bags go in the donation box.

I know some folks will ask, "Why don't you save the bags (or what have you) until the next time you need them?" I live in an apartment where storage space is minimal. Honestly, if I put those lawn bags in the closet or in the basement storage area, I probably would either forget I had them or forget where I put them, thus necessitating the need to buy more anyway. Donating them puts them to good use. 

Here's a few wish lists to get you started!
Humane Society of Chittenden County 
Wish List: 
High quality dry DOG food - Specifically Healthwise  (Green bag)
(or any food with NO by-products or dyes like Eaglepack, Wellness, Innova, or California Natural. Please, no grocery store brand foods if possible)
Oxbow Adult Rabbit Pellets (Timothy)
Kuranda Beds for dogs and cats - click here to find out more
Airtight food containers - click here to find out more.
Peanut Butter
Vet scrubs
Non-clumping cat litter (we use approx. 200 pounds of litter per week!)
Tough, durable dog toys (for heavy-duty chewers), and Buster Cubes, and Busy Balls
Cat toys and catnip
Frontline Plus
Bleach (no perfumes)
Antibacterial Hand Soap
45 gallon lawn and leaf bags or kitchen trash bags (drawstring)
Havaheart live traps - kitty sized
SOS, Save Our Strays
Wish List 
Liquid laundry detergent  
Dish detergent  
Paper towels 
Garbage bags - kitchen size and heavy duty 55 gal size   
Copy paper   
Staples Gift Cards  
Walmart Gift Cards  
Pet Store Gift Cards - Pet Food Warehouse or others  
Postage stamps  

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