Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where Best Friends Meet

Winnie was given to me by a family that could no longer keep her. Luckily, she never spent a night in a shelter. But if she had, she may have ended up at our local shelter, The Humane Society of Chittenden County (HSCC).

Every few months I gather up old towels and blankets and buy some dog or cat food and take it to the HSCC shelter to donate. Well, I think Andy (the BF) is on to me. We made our latest delivery of donated goods on Saturday and I think he (finally) realized it was all an elaborate ruse for me to visit with the animals.

We met a few cutie pies like:
and we met this feline seductress:
We lost 2 cats last year (within a few months of each other) and now the furry family is just Winnie Cooper, her pit bull sister Sharona and our Maine Coon-ish cat, Walter. I would like to adopt a cat. Andy would rather have another dog. Did I mention, we're renters!? Yeah, we really don't have the space for another pet... But a girl can dream.

Hey, if you feel like donating to the HSCC, you can do it all on line. The internets kinda rock that way.

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