Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Winnie 101

A few folks have asked, so I thought I would post a basic bio of Winnie Cooper.

Name: Winnie Cooper
Age: 3
Description: spoiled
Siblings: Sharona, a pit bull and Walter, a Maine Coon cat
Occupation: full-time cutie pie

Back story: I got Winnie when she was 6 months old. A co-worker of mine knew that I liked shih-tzus and had a friend that needed a home for a puppy shih-tzu. It's my understanding that there were quite a few other dogs and kids in the house and Winnie just wasn't getting the attention she needed. Her original name was Libby, friends of mine helped me choose a new name. We tried out a few other names but the moment she heard Winnie, she knew it was her name.
Baby Winnie

Favorite past time: belly rubs,  licking Sharona's ear.
Least favorite past time: going in the back yard, baths.
Activities: Annoying Sharona, keeping her dad up at night, making sure I think she is so cute that I don't mind the other 2 things (spoiler alert: it's working!).

Currently: Winnie is a friendly class clown. She can be kind of a pest (according to some people!). But she is loved deeply by her family and her friends.

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