Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Winnie by any other name...

would be just as stinky.
So, you may have gathered from this blog that Winnie is cute. Obviously her pictures speak for themselves. But what the internets can't tell you is that she stinks. She's like a Garbage Pail Kid. But stinkier.
Stinky Stinkersons
She generally only smells really good directly after a bath or a trip to the groomers. This stink problem has lead to a proliferation of nicknames that I do not particularly like. Most have been coined by Andy.
First there was Pig Pen. This was mildly amusing because she also makes little piggy noises when she's cleaning herself. Until one day a friend inadvertently morphed the name into Trash Can. Friends of Winnie get a chuckle out of that one. I personally think her cute factor FAR outweighs her halitosis, poopy butt and general doggy smell, but the nicknames have stuck...

On no, the "clever" nicknames don't end there! Winnie is occasionally known as Scraps (for her penchant to hoover any and all food like substances on or near the floor). Another nom de guerre that Andy loves is Dumps (because she occasionally* poops on the floor).

I recently tried to get the name Stinkerdoodle to take hold in our household lexicon. I thought it was appropriately cute, while still addressing her general funk. No luck. She'll forever be Pig Pen, Trash Can, Scraps or Dumps.  
Pig Pen

*Note: My definition of occasionally may vary from yours.

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