Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Visit from our Vet

Having multiple pets means that you need a good veterinarian. Luckily, our vet is awesome. And he make house calls! Actually, that is all he does. His practice is called Animal Housecalls.

Dr. Sturgis was recommended to me a while back because I don't drive and at the time I had three cats. Anyone that has cats, knows that they don't (usually) like cars and they really don't like trips to the vet. Finding a vet to come to the house was a great thing, but finding a vet that is so nice, knowledgeable and compassionate is the bees knees.
The Bees Knees.
He came for a visit this past week to see Sharona. She's been having some trouble climbing on the couch and bed and her bladder isn't as young as it used to be. Dr. Sturgis examined her, weighed her and took her temperature (sorry, Sharona!). The diagnosis: She's an old lady.

No worries, Sharona will be fine, she got some meds and seems to be responding well to the medicine. She is not responding as well to taking the pills. She hides in the other room when ever she hears the bottles shake.

Dr. Sturgis was very nice to pose for a photo with the dogs above. We tried to get Walter in there too but he refused to be a part of the shenanigans, even though he loves Dr. Sturgis (really, I have never seen a cat be so friendly to someone that has pricked them with needles). Also in the photo above, Winnie is not terrified of the doctor, she just doesn't like it when she is not the star of the show. 

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