Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lying down with dogs

Our long awaited new dog bed arrived in the mail yesterday! Both dogs have slept on it, together and separately- and so far it's a hit!

You might wonder why we need a dog bed when the dogs are 1) allowed to sleep on the couch 2) allowed to sleep in the people bed (under the covers even!) and 3) Generally don't seem to lack nap spots, ever.

The need for a new dog bed comes because I have been working from home more often recently and my home office (aka a desk in the corner of the dining room) is not near any of the above mentioned nap spots. So the dogs have been sleeping at my feet or near my desk- on. the. floor. *gasp!* Even more horrifying is that Winnie has also taken to napping in her toy basket that is nearby.

I decided a dog bed behind my chair in my "office" was necessary because Sharona is an old lady with arthritis and sleeping on the floor is no good for her, and Winnie just looked so sad and pathetic sleeping in her toy box- next thing you know she'll have some ugly step sisters and she'll be sleeping in the cinders from the fireplace (if we had a fireplace and if this was a Disney movie).

I ordered the bed from one of my fave pet supply companies: Doctors Foster and Smith. My requirements for the bed:
1. It had to be big enough for both dogs.
2. The cover had to be removable and machine washable.
3. It had to be affordable, which is always a relative thing. Andy thought the bed I chose was expensive, but it was actually a very good price (at least I think so!). Large dog beds can run in the hundreds of dollars, this one was a bargain on clearance at $55.

The extras on this bed that made my final decision were:
1. It's "eco-friendly"--it's stuffed with polyfil that is made from recycled soda bottles.
2. It's self warming which is perfect for Sharona's joints and Winnie's tiny little body- according to the website: "the imitation lambswool top with thermal core reflects your pet's own body heat back to him for superior warmth without electricity." Nice.
3. Finally, the bed is not ugly. I don't know if you have shopped for pet accessories lately, but it can all be a little garish, bright neon colors and a lot of cartoony patterns with paw prints and dog bones. Not really my style. This bed is a nice neutral sage green and off white (that's the imitation lambswool part). Maybe a little boring, but not ugly.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with the bed so far. So are the pooches:
So warm.


  1. Thank you so much for this excellent blog post! We're happy that both Sharona and Winnie Cooper (we love that name!) both give a paws up to their new bed. My dog also sleeps in a people bed, and also uses his dog bed in our office when I'm working on the computer. I love having him there keeping me company, and it's much easier to type without him on my lap!

    Love your blog...have it bookmarked!


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