Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Santa Paws Drive

It's that time of year again. Well sort of, I have to admit, this is a little early for me. However, the "Holidays" are starting now, whether I like it or not!

The only thing that could get me started with the holiday cheer this early in the season is a good cause for animals. And Santa Paws Drive is just that. Santa Paws Drive is a virtual toy drive for pets. You can  donate cash or donate toys and the Santa Paws elves will divide up the goodies and money and donate it all equally to six shelters across the world. Last year's Santa Paws Drive raised approximately $7,000 in toys, treats and donations.
You'll see the box above on the left hand side of the blog from now until December 20th. You can give as little as $1 or as much as $100 or choose toys or treats to send to pets that will spend their Christmas in a shelter. Consider donating to the Santa Paws Drive.

Don''t forget to let me know if you donate (in the comments, please). And tell me, do you support your local shelters with donations during the holiday season? If so, let's hear about it in the comments.


  1. Thanks so much for helping spread the word about Santa Paws Drive, Winnie! I shared your link on our Twitter!

    (one of the elves!)

  2. Thanks Dorian! One of the blogs missions is to promote animal causes, we're happy to help! Especially when it's a fun one for shelters animals. And Winnie Cooper is glad to sit around looking cute.
    xoxo, Winnie Cooper's Mom
    PS We love the yourdailycute (

  3. Hehe. Thank you!

    And looking cute is always a good hobby... :)


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