Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Wrap Up

2010 has been an eventful year around here, in fact this blog started in September...but first let's take a look back...

He's good for napping.

Andy and I moved in together in February, marking the first time the dogs had a "father figure" in their lives. They adjusted quite well, after all who doesn't like to have an extra pair of thumbs around to open doors for you and give you treats?

Pretty Girl.
 Lucas and Phoebe, my cats, passed away within a few months of one another. Phoebe, after a long battle with controlling her hyper-thyroid condition. And Lucas, from liver failure. Phoebe was my first pet as an adult and while she was never very nice to anyone but me...she is missed tremendously (mostly by me). Lucas loved everyone, and everyone loved Lucas. He treated being handsome like it was his job (oh, wait, it was his job!).
LL Cool L
In June, I raised money for the Humane Society of Chittenden County's Walk for Animals. I dedicated my walk to Lucas and Phoebe. Andy made this awesome video of the day:

By September, I started this blog and Winnie was on her way to being the star she is today (ahem...). My favorite post of the year is this one: The Curious Incident of the Spicy Mud in the Springtime- A Tale of Horror!
Followed closely by the post revealing her Halloween costume: 
Handmade Ewok costume, good times!
This blog along with Winnie's Facebook page and Twitter feed have been a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to continuing the good times in 2011.

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