Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not Just Another Birthday Post....

I lied, this is totally just another birthday post! This time the birthday is mine. Me being the human, with the thumbs behind this here blog. I thought long and hard about whether I would share this with blog readers, but I finally decided, what the hell, why not.

Every year I ask my friends to forgo gifts and to donate to the local Humane Society- and for the past few years I have been using the internets, in the form of the Facebook Causes application to help facilitate donations. Last year my birthday wish collected $225 for the Humane Society of Chittenden County. This year I set the goal at $250.

I certainly don't expect blog readers to donate for my birthday (unless you are my Mom or the other 2 or 3 friends that read this blog, then I do actually expect you to donate!). I only wanted to share one of the ways I try to help out animals through out the year. It's my hope that this blog will allow me to reach out and share more of what I do, definitely share more of what's out in the universe of animal related things that interest me and  even spur me to get more involved in causes I love. 

There's just 11 more days until I turn (mumble mumble). I am excited for this next year and kicking it off with a big fat donation for animals will kinda rock (and roll!). Tell me in the comments if you have ever done a birthday wish like this? Has it been successful?


  1. I've had a Christmas party where I ask friends to each bring a donation for our local food pantry. Usually I specify a particular item (such as peanut butter or tuna)because it's better for the pantry to receive multiple similar items. Not a birthday theme, but could be a good excuse for you to have a birthday get-together and help an organization! Kudos to you for helping animals in need!

  2. Hi Ellen! Great idea. We had so much fun collecting dog and cat food donations as Winnie's Birthday wish this year, It's likely to become a tradition!


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