Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine Birthday to the World's Best Snuggle Buddy!

Today is Sharona's birthday! No giveaways or fanfare for Sharona, she's not into the attention the way Winnie is. She does like gifts (she particularly likes the shopping bags they often come in), so tonight, she'll get her present and her treats and lots of hugs and kisses (wait, it's starting to sound just like any other Monday night...).

The day an angel was born...
Happy Valentine's Day to all of The Other Winnie Cooper's readers. Hope your day is filled with true love, as ours is!


  1. Happy birthday to the very lovely Sharona - and Happy Valentine's Day too.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sharona! I hope Winnie gives you extra hugs and kisses today!

  3. You two are so sweet together! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to Sharona!


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