Monday, February 7, 2011

Update 3: Animal Hoarding: Close to Home

I first started writing about a cat hoarding case that happened just up the road a bit from where I grew up, in late November 2010. Last week I got another update on the case from the Joyce at the Kingdom Animal Shelter.

A quick recap if you are not familiar with the story: Cynthia Erlandsson, owner of the cats was seen leaving in a moving truck without the cats in November. The local sheriff’s office and humane volunteers went into the home and removed 18 cats. Five dead cats were found in a dumpster as well.

Joyce wrote to update me that, “Between the end of November and just prior to Christmas, an additional 22 cats were trapped and removed from inside the home. That brings the total up to 42 cats.”

Update on the court case: On January 21 the forfeiture motion was heard before a judge. Cynthia Erlandsson, the “owner” of the cats was on speakerphone from Wyoming fighting the forfeiture. The investigating officer along with the vet that accompanied the officer when the cats were originally found each testified. Joyce was about half-way through her testimony when the judge ordered a continuance until the end of February. At that time Erlandsson was advised to get an attorney to represent her. There is a criminal case being brought, and it will be heard on April 25th in Caledonia County, VT.

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As always when I update on this story, I encourage donations to the Kingdom Animal Shelter because these rescued kitties need a whole lot of love, attention, veterinary care and that will take a good deal of money.

Please consider a donation today!
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Or mail your donation to:
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