Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Portraits are Never Easy

Winnie has become a photo-bomber. Whenever I am attempting to take photos of anyone else she's right there running in front of the camera. Here's a series of photos I tried to take of Sharona that Winnie sabotaged:

Here's a photo I tried to take of Walter the other night:
Instead all I got was Winnie ass in the camera.

The other night we were hanging out in our living room and I looked over at Andy and Sharona is hanging over his shoulder. Heartbreaking-ly cute. Winnie was in the background with one eyebrow raised, she is very wary of anyone else getting the "Awwwws" --and especially anybody else having their photo taken. God-forbid! The point of this story is that this could have been a better  photo but it was dark and I was rushing to snap a few photos before the diva decided to get up!

I am not amused by being relegated to the background.


  1. Not only does the camera love Winnie but it draws her to it.

  2. She is so dmaned cute. Second Diva to my Cassie!

  3. Awww...what a sweet photo. I was just working on a post that includes a pic of Gus photo-bombing. But in his defense, he had no idea. Unlike Winnie who clearly intended on getting in the shot. :)

  4. Winnie, as you can tell, likes to be the center of attention! She never misses a photo opp.

  5. hi there
    we saw you over at two pitties in the city
    we hope its okay to follow along on your adventures

    the pittie pack


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