Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winnie's Dumbbell

Winnie has a favorite toy right now and it's a blue dumbbell. The blue dumbbell was a Christmas gift from Grammie Louise and it's been in heavy rotation for a few months. It's a pretty heavy toy and it's meant for a big dog (as you can see in the photos, it's larger than Winnie's head!). She loves biting onto the middle and shaking away (so the ends are socking her in the ears!).

Don't even think about taking the dumbbell away.
Not happening. No. Way.

See, my face fits in between the ends juuuust right.

Wait a minute, what's Sharona
playing with down there?
In our house, Sharona LOVES to play with utterly destroy stuffed dog toys and Winnie goes for the hard rubber type toys. I am not sure if Winnie just chose the hard toys by default because Sharona always steals all the stuffed toys and rips them apart - or if she actually prefers them. Either way, she loves her dumbbell right now!

What's your dogs fave toy? Do they have a preference for soft or hard toys?

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  1. I love my stuffed toys. But I don't destroy them. I give them a shake every now and then because they like it but only one feeble toy fell apart.

    That dumbbell does fit your face like it was made for you - but please be careful you don't hurt yourself or work-out too hard and get an injury.


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