Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are we internets famous yet? The week in review.

This week has been a fun week for the Winnie Cooper the dog and The Other Winnie Cooper-the blog.

Starting with Wednesday's post, "Hello, DUH! You shouldn't leave your dog in a hot car." There's been a lot of traffic and a lot of feedback on the topic on Facebook and Twitter. All good stuff, luckily I haven't had any crazy people advocating for leaving dogs in hot cars!

Thursday morning was a love fest for Winnie. It is quite common for me to have the dogs on the bed when I wake up, and I spend the first few minutes of each day giving kisses and belly rubs. In Andy's words, "It's ridiculous." Winnie is a big fan of this routine, and waits patiently somewhat tolerantly for Andy to get up each morning so she can hop into his spot on the bed and get her morning fix. Thursday was no exception and I gave extra long belly rubs, just to celebrate Thursday....and mostly because I knew I wanted to take some photos of Winnie wearing sunglasses for my post on how to keep dogs cool in the summertime. I figured I could relax her and get her to cooperate a bit better if she got a nice long belly rub. No, I am not above bribery (or trickery for that matter). Enjoy some of the outtakes of the sunglasses photo shoot below.

And Friday was extra special day because Andy featured some of his photos of Winnie on his photography blog. As I have mentioned here before, I am always trying to get Andy (a semi-professional and extremely talented photographer) to take more photos of the pets for this blog. His work focuses a lot on nature and landscape photography, so it's challenging for him to take a lot of photos of the animals. In his words, "They move too much." Check out the pictures and the rest of Andy's blog: Visual State.

But in case you don't go over there and visit, here is one of the photos; seriously cute.

I sincerely hope you all had a great week as well! Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on our Walk for the Animals adventure (it's supposed to rain, with a chance of sever thunderstorms! good times.).


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