Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Am I a soft touch?

As an animal lover I get a lot of mail and email asking for donations from various animal organizations. Yesterday I got a little packet from the ASPCA. The ASPCA in particular kills me with those Sarah McLachlan commercials and that song (that song! shakes fist!)! Plus, there is a really tragic one eyed Shih-tzu in that commercial and it chokes me up every time. Well, lo and behold, I opened up the mailer, and there was that little Shih-tzu. Damn you ASPCA and Sarah McLachlan!

It's always difficult to decide what to give and which organizations to give to. I don't make tons of money and I have my own little brood to buy for...but it looks like a donation is on the way to the ASPCA.

Tell me about your giving. Do you donate? How do you choose? What convinces you to get out your credit card?

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