Friday, October 22, 2010

Announcing Sharona-palooza!

Tomorrow is National Pit Bull Awareness Day and Winnie, Sharona and I have been trying to think of something special to do in honor of this very special day.

First, I thought we could attend something local, but there are no local events that I could find. Then I thought, "I should organize an event!" But alas, I don't have the time (this year). Winnie's idea was to dress up as a Pit Bull and take pictures of her. Sharona told her that was stupid. So... we were back to square one...what to do, what to do...

Since I don't have time to organize an in person event, I thought I would try a "virtual event." Tomorrow I will do a series of informational posts about Pit Bulls and their general awesomeness, interspersed with Sharona pictures and anecdotes.
Finally, it' happened to me! I am the STAR!
This event is called, "Sharona-palooza!" And it's going to be awesome. Join us in the comments and on Winnie's Facebook page.

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