Monday, October 4, 2010

TV for the dogs

I’ll admit it; we watch entirely too much television at our house. In my defense, watching TV increases snuggle time with the dogs, which increases their contentment…so I am obviously just doing it for the dogs. Obviously.

One of our favorite shows is on Animal Planet. Shocking, I know! You probably never would have guessed that we watched Animal Planet up in this joint. Well, it’s true, and our favorite show on Animal Planet is Pit Boss. The Pit Boss is Shorty Rossi, and the show follows Shorty and his staff as they rescue pit bulls in the Los Angeles area.  
Shorty's crew!
If you haven’t seen the show, and you like pit bulls, it’s awesome, you should tune in. If you haven’t seen the show and you don’t like pit bulls, it will change your mind, for reals, you should watch it at least once! The show is entertaining as hell but it’s also educational. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the breed and Pit Boss takes them all on, showing pit bulls as the kind, loyal and lovable dogs that they can be (right, Sharona?).

Pit Boss airs new episodes on Saturday nights at 10 pm on Animal Planet. But since it’s a basic cable type of program, you can catch repeats pretty much day and night. Check your local listings yada yada…
Stay tuned to this blog, as well as to Pit Boss, because pit bull rescue and breed education are some of Winnie’s favorite topics (wait, no, that’s would be my favorite topics…Winnie’s favorite topic is Winnie.)

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