Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why Sharona is the best dog. Ever. Sharona-palooza! Post 3

Not to diminish the perfection that is Winnie Cooper, but she's not really the best dog in our home. Sure, she's cute, funny and utterly lovable, but, well she's not very well behaved most of the time. Winnie barks in the house and doesn't really listen. Sharona, on the other hand is quite the lady in her old age and never causes a ruckus (unlike the daily loud ruckus that Winnie causes). Sharona is a champ for putting up with Winnie (see this video as evidence) and that is one of the many reasons she is the best dog. Ever.

Some basic facts about Sharona:
1) She is an American Staffordshire Terrier; just one of the breeds that are called Pit Bulls
2) She weighs 55 pounds (approx. 99% muscle!)
3) She has bad knees.
4) We live in Vermont and she will not go outside in the rain, cold or snow (at least not with out a lot of coaxing)
5) She is patient and kind
6) She likes to sleep in the bed, under the covers
7) She is a terrible watch dog, she rarely barks and I think she is more likely to lick an intruder to death than to bite them
8) She is a couch potato
9) She looks tough, but quivers and whines when the vacuum comes out and when it storms
10) She has a thing for stuffed animal toys. If she sees one, she must destroy it.

On National Pit Bull Awareness Day, I point out all these positive/ quirky qualities because, Pit Bulls have a bad reputation in some circles. Sharona has changed the hearts and minds of many people that have been to my house. I have friends that were once fearful of dogs that are now determined to own a Pit Bull one day.

My favorite thing that Sharona does when we are out on walks, is when she sticks her head into a stroller and licks babies on the face. The apprehension of the face of parents when a Pit Bull approaches their child in a stroller is always there (with good reason, you can't be too careful with ANY breed of dog that approaches your child). Generally, I hold on to Sharona and let the baby/ kid get their hand sniffed and as soon as the grin breaks on their face, Sharona swoops in for her kisses. That's when the grin moves to the parents face. It's an awesome moment.

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  1. Amy, your work colleagueOctober 23, 2010 at 12:50 PM

    11) Sharona has a winsome smile.


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