Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday (week) Giveaway!

With just one week to go until Winnie's birthday (Woohoo, Party!), we need to start giving away birthday gifts to our anipals on the internets.

Today's birthday gift is a bag of Vermont Cheddar Love Biscuits from PupCat Bakery (who are right here in Vermont!). These are some of Winnie and Sharona's favorite treats, so it's extra awesome to be able to give these away and share the (cheddar) love. Special thanks to PupCat for donating the treats!

From the PUPCAT web site: "PUPCAT Bakery uses high quality, organic, human-grade ingredients. As a Vermont based company, we use as many local ingredients as possible, including seasonal produce, such as organic carrots, fresh spinach, apples and pumpkin. By using fresh, local ingredients, PUPCAT creates a healthy and trustworthy product for animals, while supporting local farmers and area businesses."

These are all things we likey!
Nomming on some cheddar love.
Winning- prepared three ways-It's easy peasy, soft and sqeazy!

How to enter:  Do one or all of the following, enter as many times as you want!
Post a comment on this blog post (sorry, anonymous entries won't be able to win )!
#2: If you haven't already, you should "like" Winnie Cooper on Facebook and comment on the posting about this giveaway (it's easy, it'll be the last thing posted).
#3: Tweet about this giveaway. Include a link to the blog and @TheOtherWinnieCooper in the tweet.

P.S. If you're local (that's Burlington, VT for any newbies), visit Home Fur the Holidays this weekend and spread the local love, you'll find our generous giveaway donate-rs, PupCat Bakery there too!
P.P.S. Winners will be chosen at random at 9 pm EST.

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