Friday, December 17, 2010

It's a party up in here!

So, It's FINALLY Winnie Cooper's birthday. And we have our final birthday celebration giveaways!!!

Today, there are 2 gifts that will be given away:
1 bag of doggie delicious Vermont Cheddar Love Biscuits from PupCat Bakery and
1 awesome Skinneez dog toy from Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supply Company.
(2 gifts, 2 different winners, 2 times the fun!)

In addition to the treats to be given away to one of our internet anipals, PupCat has a deal for our local lovers too! Winnie's local fans can go the indoor Burlington Winter Farmer's Market at Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, December 18 (10a-2p) and mention that they are a friend of Winnie's, and get a free PupCat cookie bar!

So, what did Winnie get for her birthday, you ask? She received a Skinneez toy of her very own! And of course, Sharona got one too. Thank you to Drs. Foster and Smith for the awesome gifts, they LOVE them.
Winnie got the mini Skinneez Fox and Sharona got a big one (with a water bottle), that actually is a supposed to be a coyote, but since we had already named them Foxy and Lil Foxy before I figured that out....let's just continue with calling it a Fox... Sharona is relentless on her toys, so big Foxy wasn't long for this world, but the bonus was, there was NO stuffing to pick up afterward. Lil Foxy however, is happily still intact and Winnie loves tossing it around and chasing after it. Sharona has her eye on Lil Foxy, because squeakers are her mortal enemy (the vacuum cleaner is her arch nemesis), but so far she hasn't been able to steal it and destroy it.

Ok, back to the Birthday Giveaway! Comment on this post to win! If you're selected (randomly of course) I will get in touch with you to get your prize delivered (so don't post anonymously...). Let the fun begin. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Winnie! (I have kitties, not doggies, so you don't need to enter me - I just wanted to stop by and say happy birthday!)


  2. Thanks!! Winnie has been celebrating with an all day nap.

  3. Happy Birthday Winnie Cooper! Love, Lola & Leigh

  4. Happy Birthday Winnie Cooper!
    We are cats, so do not enter us, just wanted to come by and wish you the best!
    ~ The Bunch


  6. Happiest of birthdays, Winnie Cooper!
    From me, my pup Maizee Pearl and my five fat cats! Smooches!

  7. Happy birthday, Winnie!


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