Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday Wish #3

There's just 2 more days until Winnie's birthday (Check out the previous posts on,  Birthday Wish #1 and Birthday Wish #2), and today her third Birthday Wish is unveiled:

Birthday Wish #3: A Happy and Healthy New Year for the kitties rescued in the NEK, VT!

I have been following the story of cats that were abandoned in a house after their owner moved. I first posted about it here, Animal Hoarding: Close to home and then followed up with, Update: Animal Hoarding: Close to home

Since my last blog post, I received another update from the Kingdom Animal Shelter (the shelter that rescued and is now caring for the kitties): Last week they rescued 5 more cats from the house, and the caretakers of the house have reported seeing 5 more cats. The rescuers will be going back to humanely trap the remaining kitties this week. If you know cats at all, you can be sure that if there are 5 that made themselves visible, there is probably even more still hiding. In total, they have rescued 24 cats, and if 5 more are found the total will be 29.  That's a lot of feline care!

As I have written before, but it bears repeating:

These rescued kitties need a whole lot of love, attention, veterinary care and that will take a good deal of money. 

Please consider a donation today!

You can donate online (as I did). 

Or mail your donation to: 
1664 Memorial Drive
PO Box 462
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

This would help make Winnie's
Birthday Wish #3, for  A Happy and Healthy New Year for the kitties rescued in the NEK, VT! come true.

Stay tuned for the Birthday Giveaway on 12/17...and as always, Let me know what you think in the comments!  

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