Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks for Your Support

I was telling Winnie all about the Pet Blogger Challenge that we took the other day and about all the kinds words and support we were getting from other pet bloggers and our readers...and she just wanted to say thanks! Here she is trying to read all the other fun blogs we've discovered through the challenge (go here for the entire list of 102 fantastic pet blogs, you won't regret it!).
Oh my, this internet kind of smells funny.
Winnie's favorite comments were;
1) "I'd say the thing I'd like to see most on your blog is more pictures of that adorable Winnie! What a cutie pie!" from Peggy at Peggy's Pet Place.
2) and, "Cute cute cute!" from fearfuldogs' blog

Winnie was very impressed with these insights into the blog and thought they were spot on. Go figure!

A special shout out to Will My Dog Hate Me and  for organizing the challenge and a hearty congratulation on it's success. The response to my post for the challenge has inspired me and given me hope that folks are out there and interested in this blog (and very interested in cute pictures of Winnie Cooper!).

You're welcome.

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  1. That's so nice of you! You are without a doubt cute, and worth the read!!


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