Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Things Winnie Gets Away With

Here's Winnie, napping- on an area rug from our bedroom that she pooped on last night. That's right, the rug is sitting at the top of the stairs to be taken to the laundry in the basement and she decided to take a nap on it. This is after she got scolded for taking a dump on the very same rug.
Laa...dee...da, thanks for leaving this soiled rug
for me to nap on. I never even knew
I wanted to nap here before!
And here she is looking annoyed because I disrupted her nap!

Can't a girl get some rest around here
with out a camera in her face? Geesh!
This is just one of the things Winnie is cute enough to get away with and have me laughing at it instead of fuming mad.


  1. Oh Winnie!!

    I think that having big brown adoring eyes is something that helps us Winnies get away with stuff.

    You have cuteness off to a fine art.

    Love and licks, the other other Winnie

  2. Oh Winnie makes me laugh! I have 3 dogs, but she so reminds me of my Shih Tzu/Bichon mix dog, Murphy. He would do the same thing, poop on something, tick me off, yet make me laugh at the same time.

  3. I like her 'bed head' and surprise at getting woken from her beauty rest.


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