Monday, January 24, 2011

Winnie Cooper Goes to Groton

This weekend we took a day trip to my hometown in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  Over the holidays I had forgotten to wrap and thus give several gifts to some of my nieces and nephews, so a return trip was needed.

As a general rule, we leave the dogs at home most of the time, but on Saturday we decided to bring Winnie to my Mom’s house. Winnie loves her Grammie (or she loves the table scraps she gets at Grammie’s house…) and Grammie loves Winnie.

Here’s a picture of Winnie’s face during our ride.
Are we there yet?

We stopped to take a picture of Groton’s welcome sign…yep, I grew up there and it is like a large family...a large gossipy family.
Population: 876

My Mom’s official greeter, Muffin was on the porch to say Hi. Winnie took a wide path to scoot around Muffin to get in the front door.
Fun Fact: Muffin is Walter's biological mom

When we got inside, Winnie discovered that she is no longer the only apple of my Mother’s eye. My Mom has a small, adorable beagle named, Shiloh. Winnie met Shiloh last year, but Winnie must have thought Shiloh was just a house guest and not a permanent fixture.

It took some butt sniffing and a few warning snaps before they decided to be buddies. Well, Shiloh decided right away, Winnie took a little while…
Uh, Grammie? A little help here?!

We also went to my older brother’s house, where Winnie peed on an area rug and terrified their Weimaraner, Boots. Then we stopped in at my other brothers house and Winnie taunted her doggie cousins, Gertie and Millie, the Boston Terriers.  Regretfully, I did not get pictures of these meet and greets.

The ride home was a long one, Winnie was exhausted! Truthfully, we all were.

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  1. Wow, Winnie, it sounds like you wreaked havoc on your family visit! Maybe you'll be written about in the town's newspaper! ;)


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