Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello Dolly!

If you've been reading The Other Winnie Cooper or know me personally, you know my family includes Sharona, the pit bull. Back in October, 2010 on National Pit Bull Awareness day, I hosted, "Sharona-palooza!"- An all-day blog event where I posted information about pit bulls and generally gushed over the awesomeness of Sharona (her awesomeness is infinite).

One of the pit bull stories we highlighted during Sharona-palooza! was about Dolly the Pit Bull. I found out about Dolly on Facebook, and started following her Facebook page. I watched Dolly's story on YouTube and sobbed. Dolly's rise from a bait dog in dog-fighting to a canine good citizen is amazing and now Dolly helps to ensure that other pit bulls do not suffer like she has.

Dolly lives in Florida with her Mom, Erica. Erica and Dolly recently launched Dolly's Foundation. Dolly's Foundation has a wonderful mission statement that reads:
"The purpose of Dolly's Foundation is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome homeless, neglected, and abused American Pit Bull Terriers and other bully breed dogs. As well as preserve, promote, and bring positive awareness to the breed and the negative stereotype bestowed upon them."
Mad props to Erica and the rest of the human team at Dolly's Foundation. Read their bios on the foundation's website and see how hard these folks work to rescue and promote pit bull adoptions—it's truly inspiring.

Find out how you can support Dolly's mission at Dolly's Foundation website.

I also recommend that you like Dolly on Facebook too- to see all the wonderful work Miss Dolly is doing.

Hugs and kisses to Dolly and to the pit bulls awaiting their forever homes in Florida.


  1. Lovely blog post.

    The Lady of the House went straight on to Facebook when I told her and "liked" Dolly's page.

    We look forward to following the great work of Dolly's Foundation.

  2. We will go check it out! Our Mama loves pit bulls... but we have never met one in person!

  3. Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe- Pit bulls are wonderful, you should get to know one soon!
    Thanks for stopping by. xoxo Winnie Cooper


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