Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

The Other Winnie Cooper won an award!

Today when I went to one of my favorite blogs, Cindy-Lu’s Muse, to see what was new with Cindy-Lu, I discovered that The Other Winnie Cooper won an award from Cindy-Lu and her Mom Kim! Woohoo! The award: “Awesome Blog Award” is a blessing and a curse, I am honored, however, Winnie really does think she’s awesome and this award is totally going to go to her head!

Cindy-Lu’s Muse and Kim's work on behalf of Be the Change for Animals is something that inspires me in my life and in the writing of this here, check out Cindy-Lu’s Muse if you haven’t already!

Winning the “Awesome Blog Award” requires a couple of things, first you are supposed to write seven things about yourself and then pass the award on to other blogs. So here it is:
Seven things about Winnie Cooper:
I told you I am awesome!
  1. Winnie has incredible balance on her back legs; she can dance around and jump up and down on her hind legs.
  2. She never makes it onto the bed or couch on the first jump.
  3. Wherever Sharona is, Winnie is sure to be close by.
  4. Winnie elevates doggie breath to a whole new level (don’t worry we clean her teeth, the vet has checked them, and so far it’s not a medical issue, it’s just hella stinky!).
  5. Winnie’s bark can pierce eardrums, true story (no it’s not).
  6. Her best “trick” is jumping through a hula-hoop.
  7. Her favorite treat is coconut oil.
And now for the best part of this awards bizness, bestowing this on other deserving bloggers! I am supposed to choose 15 blogs, but halfway through I got paralyzed with indecision about the rest of the list, so I left my list at my top 6 blogs.

Casa de Winnie would like to recognize the following blogs as, “Awesome Blogs”!

Two Pitties in the City (Pit bulls in rain booties= Awesome)
According to Gus (Just look at Gus, I think one of the thousands of photos of him must be beside the word Awesome in the dictionary!)
Romeo the Cat (Funniest cat on the internets)
Winnie’s Dog Blog (different Winnie, different breed, different country- but Awesome too!)
Oink Tales (A blog from one of my BFFs about her family, not a pet blog, but still Awesome! Try it, you might like it!)
Will My Dog Hate Me? (All around Awesome blog but particularly for the running feature of “Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself”)

All of the above blogs are worth a click to check out. Hope you agree!


  1. Well congrats little Winnine. I can think of no pup more deserving

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! You really deserved to be named as an awesome blog.

    I am so honoured that you shared your award with me!! That is so kind and such a lovely surprise.

    And I shall go and check out Cindy-Lu's Muse immediately.

    Love and licks, Winnie x

  3. Sa-weet! Congrats Winnie! And thanks for pushing the pig. OINKtales accepts your award with humor and humility. Where's the red carpet? I want a new dress.

  4. Congratulations -- and thank you! I am honored to get the Awesome Blog Award. And I might not tell Frankie, for the same reasons that you were reluctant about telling Winnie...

  5. Thank you so much! We're flattered to receive the Awesome Blog Award!

    We've had quite the day today, so this couldn't have come at a more perfect time. :)

    Please give Winnie a belly rub for us!

  6. OMG I am SO blushing right now! This is a huge honor, Winnie! Thank you!



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