Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sharona's Corner- Pit Bull Love

New feature alert! Today is the first installment of Sharona's Corner. You may have already noticed that every once in a while I post about pit bull "stuff", like to celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day, I hosted an all day Sharona-palooza! and not too long ago I told you about Dolly's Foundation.

Of course, this blog is all about Winnie Cooper, obviously it's named after her and everything! But I think Winnie is the first to agree that Sharona is awesome and deserves her own space on the blog. Sharona's Corner will be a place that I can applaud awesome blogs and organizations that are doing great work on behalf of pit bulls. As well as the place where I will vent about things like breed specific legislation and what a turd I think Michael Vick is! But most importantly, it's the place where I will share what my life with a pit bull is like (spoiler alert: it's warm and snuggly!), a la one of my favorite blogs on the interweb: Two Pitties in the City.

It seems only fitting to begin Sharona's Corner on her birthday week. So to kick off Sharona's corner properly, I will share her puppy picture with you:

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.
And this video of Sharona and Winnie playing:

Aren't they adorable? Isn't it cute the way Winnie's whole head fits in Sharona's mouth?!


  1. There's no shortage of cute pups on this hop. And I can't get enough. We're giving away free bumper stickers at All Things Dog Blog:

  2. So glad I clicked on #64. You are fluffing hilarious.

  3. How funtastic!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. That was great! They play so well together!!

  5. Sharona was an adorable puppy...and she's only increased her cuteness level with age. :)

    They play SO well together! I love how Winnie was scooting all over the place and Sharona never had to even get up!

    P.S. Give Winnie's cute behind a squeeze for me. :)


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