Saturday, February 12, 2011

It’s a (Big) Boy!!

BIG (Huge) NEWS here at Casa de Winnie…we will be welcoming our first foster kitty into our home tomorrow!

Our new addition is named Big Boy, although I am flirting with changing it to Beau Bridges (I can’t resist a pop culture reference, while I’d rather go with Jeff Bridges and call him the Dude, I really think Big Boy looks more like a Beau than a Jeff and of course, since it only makes sense I will probably start using the alternate spelling of Big Boi). He is a 6-8 year old male DSH brown tiger.

You may be following along with me on the story of a cat hoarder in Vermont that abandoned over 40 cats when she moved out of state. I have been blogging about this story and in contact with the Kingdom Animal Shelter, who have been caring for the cats.

It seemed only natural that when I found myself ready to get another cat, I wanted to see if I could help one of these kitties. Unfortunately, the majority of the cats rescued from this situation are feral and in need of a great deal of socialization. Big Boy however, is ready for fostering and eventually adoption (yay!).

Here is the only photo I have seen of Big Boy. You can clearly see how he got his moniker. This photo was taken shortly after he was brought to his current foster home. He looks pretty spunky, don’t you think?

Beau "Big Boi" Bridges.

Today, in preparation for Big Boy’s arrival, I am making a trip to our local pet store (Holla! Pet Food Warehouse!) to pick out a large cat carrier, fresh cat litter and of course a few welcome gifts.

Stay tuned for more on Big Boy’s journey from a house of hoarders to a spoiled and pampered gentleman of leisure!

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  1. What a lucky 'Boi' he is! I'm so happy for you both! He certainly looks like he will be bringing some purrsonality with him! You're going to have so much fun!

  2. Congrats to you and Big!

  3. He's a beauty! And looks just like my first cat, also named Beau (but for Beau Geste).

  4. So exciting! He is so lucky to have made it out, and found you to foster him.

  5. Good luck with your new arrival! Happy Valentines from Lexi and Christina who stopped in from the Sat Pet Blog Hop.

  6. BB iz handsome! an big! I tinks he looks rilly nice an I likes him name


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