Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beau Update

I haven't given an update on our foster kitty for a while. He's been with us for almost 6 weeks now. You can read this update from the first couple of days here.

Week One:
Living under the day bed in the living room. I coax him out for breakfast every morning.
Food smells good, but where are the dogs?
Week Two:
Receives a tickle pickle full of cat nip. Hours of amusement ensue. Discovers that the dogs are not allowed in the basement and the cats are, moves base camp from day bed to basement.
Tickle Pickle love.

Cat nip high.

Week Three:
Spends most of his time in the basement or under the day bed, venturing out at night. Starts taking cat naps in our bed in the evenings. Comes out in the living room only to get attention from the humans.

Week Four:
Cats can be heard playing chase in the apartment and basement during the wee hours of the night and early mornings. Andy insists they are fighting, I inform him that if two large adult males were fighting, we would know it (in fact, they are getting along great). Discovers that the dogs also do not go in the bathroom, sets up secondary camp in bathroom. Enjoys a mighty battle with the toilet paper roll one night.

Eating together.

Caught napping together.
Week Five:
Finally solves the breakfast routine and rushes to his dish when it's put out for him, I no longer need to coax him out. Begins to tolerate being out in the open while dogs are at a safe distance. Still comes out to the living room only to get attention from the humans.

And here we are at week six. Mister man is settling in, we are discovering his personality more and more each day. He's a lover not a fighter. He is very needy and demanding when it comes to petting. I imagine he has not been given a lot of individual attention in his life. He is very talkative when he wants something. When he's getting a kitty massage and he's purring and asking for more with head butts, he also drools. Drooling is not usually an attractive quality in people or pets--and even though it's kind of gross, because it's a sign that he's makes me happy.

Not drooling, just eating.
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  1. Hooray! I've really got to meet this guy soon.

  2. I grew up with a drooling, kneading, love-not-a-fighter kitty and he was the best. So glad double B is settling in nicely!

  3. I LOVE Beau, foster kitty! I also had a drooler - the best darn cat I ever had. :)

  4. Sounds like you're doing a great job of looking after him.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  5. a tip of the tail to your for taking such good care of Beau

  6. Aw thanks everyone. Especially you Winnie (the Greyhound)--because I know how you feel about cats!

    @Tay, we will have you guys over for dinner in the near future!

  7. Thanks Alison & family for welcoming Beau (aka Big Boy) into your home and your lives. Only Beau and another cat, Ben, were well-socialized with humans; the others are all in various stages of unsocial/semi-feral. We are looking for permanent placements for these cats also. They are ALL gorgeous cats and otherwise well-mannered - they may never be "lap cats" - but they deserve a chance at a happy life. If anyone is interested in adopting one of these cats removed from this terrible hoarding situation please contact me:

    Thank you! Joyce


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