Friday, March 25, 2011

"Springtime" in Vermont

It's late March and yes, according to the calendar, it is spring. However, this is Vermont and we are still dealing with cold temperatures and some light snow (we consider less than 6 inches to be light snow).

I got excited the other day when the temps were up above 30 degrees and decided to take the dogs for an extra long walk-- together. I usually walk them separately, their size difference makes it kind of challenging to walk them together. But this day, they behaved quite well (to be fair, Sharona is always a model walker, Winnie Cooper is the challenge).

So, while I juggled two leashes and two very excited pooches I also tried to get a few pictures to share, forgive me if the quality is kind of craptacular.
Mooooommmm!!! Let's GO!

Fruitlessly trying to get a posed photo.

Oh, you're sniffing that? I am too.
As you can see, even though it was a moderately warm spring day, there's still plenty of snow. One day we'll have some sunshine and green grass...I dare to dream. When it happens, I will try to capture it to share.


  1. Nothing like a really good sniff on a walk!!

    I am proud that my namesake can be a pain on her walks too...

    Love and licks Winnie xx

  2. Does Winnie get snow shoes? Our Shih Tzu Blake, who is at the bridge, used to have all the snow stick to her whenever she went out and we called them snowshoes.

  3. It's always the smallest ones that cause the most trouble. ;)

    Love the photos...we prefer to use craptastic, but your pics are far from either!

    I can't wait to see some pretty springtime pics of Vermont...we think we'll be there in the fall and can only imagine how beautiful it is!


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