Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better Late than Never

Last week while I was on vaca, (in North Carolina, which btw, is hella warmer than Vermont!) The Other Winnie Cooper blog won another blogger award! I should have posted about it sooner, but I was distracted by the sunshine and 80 degree weather. Now I am back in the land of cold and snowy-ness and can properly sit and type!

Banjo and Millie gave us the “Stylish Blogger Award.”  Banjo and Millie is one of my fave blogs because Millie is a shih-tzu, and as you know I have a soft spot! My favorite part of winning these blogger bestowed awards is that I get to pass on the names of blogs I read and love (even though I am always crippled with indecision about who to include!).  But first, the rules dictate that I pass along 7 things about Winnie Cooper.

Seven things about Winnie, in her own words;
  1. It takes me forever to poop when I am out on a walk. My dad walked me for an hour yesterday before I would go.
  2. Belly rubs are my jam.
  3. I learned how to nap in the sun spots from Walter, my kitty brother.
  4. I have allergies and I scratch a lot. My Mom is trying all sorts of things to figure out how to help me.
  5. I love all my toys but the one I like the best is always the one Sharona is playing with.
  6. Since my Mom started my blog I have learned to stop and pose when I see the camera come out.
  7. Sometimes I mistake the phone for the camera and pose while my mom is texting someone.
  8. I need eight things b/c I am awesome. 
And now, for the best part of the award accepting—the award bestowing:
The Other Winnie Cooper blog would like to give the following blogs the “Stylish Blogger Award”
  1. To Dog with Love
  2. Fido and Wino
  3. Life with Lulu (and Wally too!)
  4. Dogs Rock!
  5. Pawprints on my Heart
  6. A Poodle and a Pit Bull
Once again (just like when we won the "Awesome Blog Award"),  I am going to stop at 6. There's so many and it's so hard to choose! Lame. I know. 

Thanks again to Banjo and Millie for the award. It's much appreciated.


  1. Congratulations on your latest award.

    The Boy Of The House is now one of your biggest fans. He says that picture of you (top left) is the best picture on ANY dog blogs around.

    So there you go! Another honour! BOL! xxx

  2. ROFL about the posing for the phone when Mama is texting thing! Our Mama takes pics with her phone all the time. We have learned to walk away quickly when we see it!
    About your allergies... we don't know if this will help you but we did a review of FlaxyPet products and we learned that having flax added to your diet helps a lot of pets with allergies. All of the Omega-3 and protein does wonders for your skin and fur!


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