Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please Welcome our newest addition!

This past week there was a forfeiture hearing for Beau and all the cats involved in the hoarding case (read more on all of that here) in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Well, the good news is the judge in the case granted the forfeiture – so all the cats now legally belong to the Kingdom Animal Shelter. This means that Beau can be adopted!!

And, this will come as no surprise to any one, we will be adopting him toot sweet! This was always the intention, and I only ever called the big man a foster cat because I didn't want to jinx the possibility of being able to adopt him legally (what if the cats were ordered to be returned to the crazy cat hoarder lady?! Stranger things have happened.).

We are so excited to be the proud new pet parents of a bouncing "Big Boy" named Beau Bridges (aka The Dude, Mister Man, Mr. BoJangles, Bilbo Baggins, etc.).

Many thanks to the hard working folks at the Kingdom Animal Shelter and to Beau's first foster mom (who kept Beau until he could find his forever home). Stay tuned for more on the cruelty case, I will be following it as it makes it's way through the court system and making updates here.


  1. He is huge and looks totally sweet, congratulations on adopting him officially.

  2. Beau is one handsome fella. Congrats!

  3. Thanks everyone. He'll be getting a special cat nip toy tonight to celebrate!

  4. A big congrats to you and your family The other Beau Bridges


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