Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am not a great photopgrapher-

But my honey is! He posted a few photos (taken on his phone no less!) of our pet menagerie on twitter (@photoronin) and BAM, they get 60 views! What the!?!

I thought that The Other Winnie Cooper readers would enjoy these photos more than anyone would-- so here are the great photos he snapped:

Car Rides without Mommy are hard.

Maxin' & Chillaxin'
My favorite is this one with the animals all on the bed with the filtered light behind them. Don't they look like angels? Don't be fooled...this doesn't happen everyday.

Our little Angels.
If you check out how Sharona is laying, you can see that she has taken the time to build herself a little nest. On this particular say, the bed was probably not made yet....but on the days when it is, I will inevitably go into the bedroom and find Sharona digging around building herself a nest! It drives me crazy, but then I think- what's the word for it? Oh yeah, it's ADORABLE!

P.S. You can follow my partner/ boyfriend/ honey's photography blog: here. He photographs a lot of beautiful things in our great state of Vermont. I am working on getting him to get me good shots of the animals on the regular.


  1. Very cute. I love how he captures the everyday.

  2. I must squish a tabby kitteh belly NOW! :)


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