Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our weekend with a really big dog

We had a house guest this weekend. We dog sat for our neighbors/ landlords on Saturday night.

Their dog Thorpe is a mixed breed--giant mixed with scaredy cat I think. Thorpe is a BIG dog. He stands about 6 inches taller than Sharona and as you can imagine he makes 'lil 12 pound Winnie look like a speck of dust. Thorpe is a bit timid compared to Winnie and Sharona, but once he settles in and gets comfortable he is very chill.

A speck of dust? Really?

I am still the cutest.
So where was Sharona you ask? Here's a pic I snapped of Rona while Thorpe and Winnie napped in the dog beds:

Couch to myself. Loves it.
We learned a lot about what it would be like to have three dogs, and how different it is to take care of a really big dog. Sharona seems like such a lightweight after having Thorpe around for a day! 


  1. Thorpe actually looks a bit like my childhood dog Benji.

  2. Looks like a lovely sleepover.

    ( can use the 'win' in Winnie whenever you want!)

    Love ya lots

    Winnie the greyhound xx

  3. So glad to read Thorpe settled in so well with your two. We dog-sat for a friend's basset hound and Gus just stared at him like he was a dinosaur!


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