Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to the comic blogging stylings of a shiny new animal shelter volunteer & social media helper!

One day not too long ago, I was in a funk about my real job, the one with the paycheck. Usually my real job kicks ass. I work on the marketing team at an environmental non-profit, where I am the manager of the social media presence among other things. I love my job and I think the mission is a great a plan to change (and even save) the world. Sounds awesome, right? Well, like any other job, sometimes you hit a wall and feel like a Roomba vac, bouncing into the wall again and again and then circling around aimlessly. It’s hard to do your job after you just smacked your head into a wall, even if it is a metaphoric smack.

That day, I emailed my fave local animal shelter, the Humane Society of Chittenden County (HSCC) and told them about the work Winnie’s blog has been doing to promote the HSCC and about my professional background. I told them I could help on a more official basis, and get in the loop with the organization and help push their shelter forward with some amazing social media outreach.. A few days later, I took a meeting with some super nice peeps at the HSCC and voila! You are now reading the comic blogging stylings of a shiny new HSCC volunteer and social media helper!

It’s been a little slow since my initial meeting, I still need to go through a volunteer orientation, but I am on a new path to do some great work for another great organization that has a worthwhile mission. It was during and after this soul searching, that I found I was having a hard time articulating any blog posts to you dear readers, not even my bread and butter- cute photos of Winnie! I was so excited for this new volunteer venture but it seemed premature to brag about it here on the blog, but NOW it feels right! So, I apologize to the Other Winnie Cooper blog fans (you are few, but you are loyal and, most importantly- you are awesome) that I went away for a few weeks, but the Other Winnie Cooper blog is back and in full effect (insert cheesy 90’s dance beat here).

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  1. Thanks! I am really excited to help make a difference.

  2. What a great opportunity - the HSCC is lucky to have you!

    Volunteering our time (not just money) is something we've long said we wanted to do, but never made the time. It is definitely something I want us to get involved with when we get settled again.

    Conrats - and looking forward to reading more about it!

  3. Thx Lori, If you're interested, we can take a tour of the HSCC facilities when you are in VT! It's a great place.

  4. Congratulations! I admire a person who can smack herself (even metaphorically). :)

    Sounds like a wonderful and rewarding opportunity.

  5. This kind of thing is very heartening to hear, your current direction, And Winnie is just too cute. I had a bird named Winnie once...but her name was Winnie Weinstock.


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