Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Orphan Annie gets Adopted!

Last week the Humane Society of Chittenden County (HSCC) featured Annie the cat as one of their “Pets of the Week” on their Facebook page. If you follow The Other Winnie Cooper on Facebook (hint, hint: go here) you probably know that I always share the pets of the week via Facebook and tweet them out too (hey that reminds me, do you follow Winnie on Twitter yet? If not, go here).

I was particularly smitten with Annie because she looks a bit like Walter and because I love the name Annie (it’s my sister’s name and she passed away about 10 years ago). Check out how gorgeous this cat is:

Yesterday, I was excited to learn that Annie has been adopted!

Annie’s Story

Last fall Annie’s owner was arrested and when she went to jail, Annie got left behind. Annie had a guardian angel in the form of a Lieutenant at the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office, a man that has a track record of helping animals in need. The officer personally brought Annie in to the HSCC so she could be cared for while her owner was in jail. Annie was not with the HSCC long before her owner was released from jail and reclaimed her. Unfortunately, just seven months later the owner died of a drug overdose and Annie ended up at the HSCC once again.

As you can imagine, Annie was hostile at first but over the first few weeks at the shelter and with the amazing help of the staff at the HSCC, Annie came around and began to show her true personality. According to Megan, the HSCC volunteer coordinator, “Annie is an extremely outgoing kitty, and does not hesitate to express herself … loudly!” Annie proved to be a sweet, trusting kitty despite what she has been through.

I am happy to report that a young couple saw Annie’s photo on Facebook (yay for Facebook and the power of social media!) last week. When they found that they could scratch Annie's belly, hold her upside down, and cradle her like a baby while she just purred...they were sold. They just bought a new house and Annie will be their first pet!

A Happy Ending, Now What?

These types of happy stories are one of the many reasons I work to raise money for the HSCC. So, now what? This is where I ask you to donate to my Walk for the Animals fundraising effort! Yay! Please consider donating, so more kitties like Annie can find new, loving homes.

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