Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Weekend in 4 photos

It was a pretty chilled out weekend. We did some (late) spring cleaning and ran a lot of errands. I cleaned out my bedroom closet and discovered a box of doggie shirts and and other accessories, so I dressed the dogs up. Our errands included a trip to our local pet supply store for food and cat litter, and of course I walked out with 2 new dog toys.

New bone, made by Kong. Lasted 10 whole minutes.

Invincible chain toy, Winnie didn't make a dent in it.

Rona in her "Bad to the Bone" shirt.

Winnie also has a bad-ass
skulls & crossbones shirt.
Somehow, less convincing than


  1. Every time I think Winnie can't get any cuter - she proves me wrong.

    That skull and crossbones t-shirt in neon pink is just adorable - as is the dog inside it.

    Love and licks, Winnie the Greyhound

  2. Thanks Winnie! You're not so bad yourself! ;)


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