Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Petties! The Oscars of pet blogging.

This is my first year as a pet blogger- and the first time I have heard about The Petties. Which so far, look to me like the Oscars of pet blogging. How exciting! I can't wait to find Winnie Cooper her couture gown!

The awards are hosted by and here's what they say about the whole thing:
Be a part of the 2011 Petties Awards, Dogtime's annual celebration recognizing excellence among animal-loving bloggers of all stripes. The Petties are the only awards nominated by, voted for, and presented to individuals in the pet blogging community. The best part? Winners are honored with a $500 donation to the shelter of their choice -- it's our way of saying thanks for making a difference!
You have until June 29th to nominate your fave pet blog (ahem!) in the following categories: Best Dog Blog, Best Cat Blog, Best Rescue/Cause Blog, Best Designed Blog, Best Social Integration Blog, Funniest Blog or Blogger, Best Overall Pet Blog.

I am just kidding about nominating The Other Winnie Cooper blog, I don't think we've come far enough in this first year of blogging! It's something to strive for next year-- Perhaps they will add a "Cutest Shih-tzu in the Universe blog" category next year, which I would feel very confident campaigning for.

I'd like to share with you some blogs I just nominated:
Best Overall Blog: Two Pitties in the City
Best Cat Blog: Romeo the Cat...and Pugsley too!
Best Cause Blog: The Bad Rap Barn Blog

Please check these blogs out and if you feel inspired, nominate them, because, the finalists are determined by the four bloggers with the most nominations in each category. There are many other deserving blogs to nominate, so I will probably have to return and continue to fill out the ballot.

How about you guys? Tell me your favorite blogs and why? I've got an RSS reader full of my favorites, but I can always add more! 


  1. Thanks for telling me about The Petties. I hadn't heard of them.

    But how on earth do you choose just one blog to nominate in each category? There are sooo many great blogs out there.

    And yes, Winnie, yours IS one of my favourites.

    I also have a real special place in my heart for - which was one of the first blogs to come and say 'Hi'. And it still continues to inspire and encourage me. "Houndstooth" is also so helpful and generous with her advice and I know she's helped the LOTH a lot.

    I also adore and and and .......soooo many.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  2. Wow, thanks so much for thinking of us! It's so funny that we started blogging on a whim, but it's nice to know that people are really enjoying what we write. I'll have to go check this out...


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