Friday, July 15, 2011

And we're back--just in time to celebrate the Petfinder Big Birthday Adoption Weekend!

So I've been a lazy blogger lately. To be fair, work has been bonkers, then Andy and I took a vacation, and finally I have been a little pre-occupied with planning a little something called a lifetime commitment party...that's right blog readers (hi Mom!)- we are getting married (well sort of...long story short, we're not doing all the legal/ceremony stuff, we're just having a party to share our commitment with all our besties and families)!

Anyhoo, we've just been busy all around, but I finally shook out of it because I wanted to post about the Petfinder Big Birthday Adoption Weekend! All weekend long, shelters all over the US are having a adoption drives, hoping to get to the magic number of 15,000 adoptions (to celebrate Petfinder's 15th Birthday of course!).

Double-y exciting is that one of the participating Vermont shelters is the Kingdom Animal Shelter (KAS), where our very own Beau was adopted from! For the adoption weekend and throughout all of July, KAS is having a special adoption rate for their cats:
I was particularly enthusiastic about the 2fur deal because I recently read a great blog post over at Pawcurious about the benefits of having a pair of pets that are bonded, titled It's better in pairs. As the parent of a pair of bonded pairs, I wholeheartedly agree- it is better in pairs!

If you are in Vermont (and honestly, I really don't know WHY you don't all just move here, it's pretty much the best state ever)- please consider adopting a kitty this weekend from the KAS (1664 MEMORIAL DRIVE, ST. JOHNSBURY CTR.).

Here's our most recent photo of the big boy, Beau Bridges (taken just a few days ago):

Our handsome Beau-Beau
PS I promise to post photos of Winnie ASAP.

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  1. Welcome back -- sounds like you've been up to a lot of good stuff. Thanks for sharing this adoption information.


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