Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December is for Birthdays!

December is a big month around here, besides the "normal" holiday excitement, it is also Winnie's birthday month! If you have a birthday that is on or near a major holiday, you know what a bummer it can be when your birthday celebrations get lost in all the other holiday celebrations. For instance, I have a cousin that was born on December 25th. Poor thing always got combo gifts for Christmas and her birthday.

Despite the holiday madness all around, we will be celebrating Winnie's birthday properly. Stay tuned for some awesome giveaways in the next few weeks (leading up to Winnie's birthday on December 17th)!

Winnie is so excited she put on her Santa hoodie and jumped in her toy box!
Um, you better get me outta here before Sharona
mistakes me for a squeaky toy...
Happy (almost) December!

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  1. OMD Winnie! My Ma's b-day is also on da 17th! I hope you gets both xmas and b-day presents cause she always gets combo gifts like your cousin.



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