Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Wish #1

As previously posted: Winnie's birthday is right around the corner (Psst...You can read about that here. If you like.) On Friday (the 10th) we will start giving away fun birthday gifts to some lucky internet pals of Winnie's. Stay tuned to find out how to enter on Friday!

I've also made a list of birthday wishes for all the dogs and kitties out there, and I'll be counting them down right here until Winnie's big day on Friday the 17th. For Birthday Wish #1 Winnie thought it should be that all dogs are as cute as she is- but I decided to go in a different direction...

Winnie's Birthday Wish #1: No hungry dogs and kitties.

This wish is inspired by a blog post over at, titled "Pet Pantry's in High Demand." Sadly, in the current economic situation many families are being forced to give up their family pets because they can no longer afford their food and care. Some caring souls in Virginia saw this need, and formed a non-profit pet pantry called the Peninsula Pet Pantry, "to provide, temporary pet food and supply assistance to pet owners facing economic hardship."

Where we live, our local food shelf, The Chittenden County Food Shelf, collects pet food alongside food for people in need. And to help fulfill Winnie's Birthday Wish, our family will donate one can of dog or cat food to The Chittenden County Food Shelf for every comment on this blog post. If you want to help family pets stay with their families, all you have to do is leave a comment.

So start commenting! And pass it on!


  1. Dats fabulous! You is doin some gweat work for anipals - you gots a big heart! and a big Happy Birfday to you!!

  2. This is a great first birthday wish! xo

  3. The best birthday wishes are those that are unselfish. Thanks for what you're doing!

  4. DUSTY: We think that's a great thing to do, WInnie!
    HURLEY: You're a sweet girl doggie!

  5. Happy Birthday Winnie! What a wonderful blog. (((HUG!!!)))

  6. That is such a nice birthday wish! And happy birthday to you sweet doggie. :-)


  7. And by the way, Winnie looks a LOT like my sister. She was a black/gray/white Shih Tzu.

    *whispers* That's two posts from me. I hope that counts as two cans of food!

  8. Best Birthday wish ever! Happy birthday Winnie!

  9. Winnie, you are adorable! What a wonderful birthday wish, No animal should go hungry!
    Taylor, Molly and Hannah


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